Westford Winter FunFest – 2014-2015


 Congratulations to the Kiefer Family of Westford for being the winner of the 2015 Snow Sculpture Contest with the “Snow Elephant” and more  – see pictures below…..

Westford Snow Sculpture 2015   Elephant -          Family  Howard Rd.Westford Snow Sculpture 2-15 Elephant 2 - Kiefer Family Howard Rd. Westford Snow Sculpture  2015 Elephant  5Westford Snow Sculpture  2015 Elephant  4 Westford Snow Sculpture  2015 Elephant  3

  The Snow Elephant has a slide, stairs, tunnel and a winter fire pit too.
Welcome to the  5th Annual Westford Family Fun Fest Winter events page….  During the winter, different Westford FunFest Events and activities  will be offered.
The Westford Winter FunFest Committee, the Roudenbush Community Center, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell, Westford Historical Society & Museum,  and WASA (Westford Against Substance  Abuse)  invites  the Westford community to celebrate winter at the  5th Annual Westford Winter Family FunFest .  During the Winter FunFest many different winter activities, programs, and events will be offered during the 14 week period from December 15, 2014 through March 30,2015.
All events planned will celebrate winter and early spring a in a fun way and make this time period a true community event.   Many of the programs and events will be outside (weather permitting) and some will keep you warm inside too.  Some will exercise your body outside, other programs will exercise or relax your brain inside.
Each event, program and activity will be offered and run by individual organizations, clubs, schools, churches, businesses,  or other Westford groups. Some programs are FREE and others have a fee $.
Photos above are from past Westford Winter FunFests.  Check out the Gallery Page for more photos. Lots of events and fun are happening in Westford.  
Special Events and activities will be added to this page as they are planned or submitted by other organizations. Check under the banner for added pages.



Runs from December 15, 2014 – March 30, 2015

Check out the upcoming events calendar —  RT side  – new events are added frequently!!

Contact information :

P.O. Box 134 Westford, MA 01886    or send an email to funfest@westford.com 


Advertising ,Sponsorships and any special events  benefit the following charities – The Roudenbush Community Center, Westford Against Substance Abuse (WASA), Westford Historical Society and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell.

  • The Winter FunFest Committee will be encouraging Westford and area businesses to participate in these fun events by offering: special discounts, coupons and  special events in their stores  during the Winter FunFest 2014.   Watch for details, soon. 

  • A Town-wide Snow Sculpture Contest will be celebrated starting January 25, 2015 till  February 28, 2015  see details under banner – “2015-Westford Snow Sculpture Contest ”

  • Each month – Celebrate Westford on the Historic Common and Beyond  – visit the calendar on the rt or Roudenbush Community Center – www.roudenbush.org  and click on the Celebrate Westford page.
  • Check out the calendar on the rt for events and programs during the Westford WinterFunFest.

  Let’s Celebrate Community together and have some fun too,

The Westford Winter FunFest Committee 2014-2015

If you have questions or would like to be involved, email funfest@westford.com – Leave name, phone, email address, question,  and a member of the Committee will be in contact.


All events and programs:

Liability Release: The Westford Winter FunFest Committee, and any one associated with the Westford Winter FunFest events will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss of or damage to any personal property.

Photos release:  The Westford Winter FunFest Committee and any one participating in or part of the Winter FunFest  reserves the right to take and use all visual documentation (including photos) and to use the documentation for promotional and informational purposes without indemnity to the participants. If you have an exception, please let the photographer or event know.