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A dramatic weather change on the way, much colder weather on the way…

The 70s on Monday will not be returning anytime soon, in fact it may be the only time we see 70+ this month…we are about to enter a below normal temperature stretch…

Tuesday:  Cloudy, murky, scattered drizzle and showers…heavier and steadier rain late in the day and at night, 1-2″ of rain by Wednesday AM…60s…gusty winds 20-40mph

Wednesday:  Showers taper around dawn and may even end as a brief period of sleet or wet snow…there may also be a few icy areas early on Wednesday as temperatures crash back to near 32 degrees…the sun comes out by mid morning, but temperatures will be very chilly, stuck in the 40s.

Thursday:  Sunny and cool, 46-49.

Friday:  Sunny, cool, near 50.

Weekend Outlook:  There will be a few areas of light rain flirting with out area, closeby on Saturday especially, but most of the weekend looks to remain dry.  High temps Sat and Sun will be 50-55, same deal for Marathon Monday, 50-55 and partly sunny conditions.

Click here for Westford snow storm data and past totals or select “Winter Snowfall“ under “Pages” on the left hand side.

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